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  • Cycling Holidays

    The 5 Best Cycling Holidays in Nepal

    Cycling holidays in Nepal offer a unique and enriching experience for several reasons: Diverse Terrain: Nepal’s varied landscapes provide an exciting challenge for cyclists, from the flat river valleys to the steep mountain passes. Spectacular Views: With eight of the…

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  • Unforgettable Journey

    Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: The Ultimate Travel Experience Awaits

    Introduction: In a world buzzing with technology and constant connectivity, the allure of travel remains timeless. As we yearn for new horizons and fresh adventures, the travel industry continues to evolve, offering unique experiences that transcend the ordinary. In this…

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  • From base camp to summit

    From base camp to summit: The thrills and challenges of climbing high peaks

    The allure of conquering towering peaks has fascinated adventurers for centuries. From the snow-capped majesty of the Himalayas to the rugged terrain of the Andes, high-altitude mountaineering offers an unparalleled blend of physical challenge and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Climbing high…

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  • Whitewater Rafting

    8 Things to Do in Nepal for A Memorable Vacation

    Nepal is an incredible travel destination that offers unique, unforgettable experiences. For most visitors, seeing Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be passed up. Nepal has something for everyone, from beautiful mountains to stunning temples. Here are eight…

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  • Chandragiri Hills

    Spend Your Time on Popular Hills Around Kathmandu Valley

    A Kathmandu valley is a low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it. Similarly, Kathmandu is a valley that is surrounded with many hills all around. There are five main river…

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  • Documentary Filmmakers

    Top 5 Documentary Filmmakers in Nepal

    A documentary film or documentary is a non-fictional motion-picture intended to “document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education. Movies have always been a great medium for storytelling and passing on knowledge. The documentary genre mainly focuses on enlightening the…

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  • Top Nepal Trekking Companies

    10 Best Nepal Trekking Companies

    Nepal is a beautiful country with various features and has the possibilities for tourism development. Nepal might be a place for research due to its natural variations. Mt. Everest (highest peak of the world), Gautam Buddha (light of Asia), and…

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  • Top 5 Car Rental Companies in Nepal

    Top 5 Car Rental Companies in Nepal

    Car rental is a service provided by companies that allow individuals to rent cars for a temporary period of time, usually ranging from a few hours to several days or weeks. Car rental services are typically used by travelers, business…

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  • Hiking Boots for Nepal Trekking

    Best Hiking Boots for Nepal Trekking

    If you will be walking the 14-25 day Nepal trekking, the most important article of clothing you will have is your shoes. The common question are which are the best hiking boots for Nepal? What are the things I should…

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  • Skydiving

    Top 5 Outdoor Adventure Activities that Never Miss in Nepal

    Outdoor Adventure Activities are the greatest way to explore the beauty of nature in the world. Replete with awe-inspiring wildlife, charming hill villages, Himalayan trekking, golden temples, and magnificent Himalayan views. Nepal to the world may be known for its…

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  • Wine Accessories

    6 Wine Accessories to Bring When Traveling

    Enotourism or wine tourism is once again taking a spot in the travel industry by storm, thanks to the ongoing herd immunity and improved safety measures against COVID-19. As a result, many are jumping on the bandwagon, which, in turn,…

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  • Top 10 Trekking Destinations in Nepal

    Top 10 Nepal Trekking Places

    Nepal is home to some of the most spectacular trekking places in the world. It offers beautiful locations and destinations for trekking and many other activities. Nepal also has many cultures and customs that reflect the country’s diversity beautifully. Nepal…

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  • Helicopter Shuttle Service

    Helicopter Shuttle Service

    Helicopter Shuttle Service is an unforgettable & luxurious way to explore the mountains in Nepal. Nepal Visitors offers competitive pricing for helicopter shuttle, from accredited helicopter operators. Helicopters are excellent for short flights; to reach remote destinations (and avoid ground…

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  • Tourism Activities

    15 Major Tourism Activities in Nepal

    Trying something new, challenging and arduous is the dream of every adventure enthusiast. Adventure tourism is hugely popular in Nepal, as there is such a wide range of possible activities. The Himalaya region is one of the top adventure travel…

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  • Airports in Nepal

    List of Major Airports in Nepal

    The main and only international airport in Nepal is the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Nepal is also home to one of the most dangerous airports in the world, the Lukla Airport or Tenzing Hillary Airport. Located close to Mount Everest…

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  • Sherpa Dishes

    10 Sherpa Dishes You Must Try in the Everest Base Camp Trek

    There are many stand-out aspects to hiking Mt. Everest. You might not have thought of the food as being among those, but that makes it an even better surprise when the food is excellent. Food makes up an essential part…

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  • Heli Hiking in Nepal

    Top 5 Heli Hiking in Nepal

    Heli Hiking is a recreational activity in Nepal. Helicopter hiking is not a cheap adventure activity but a best way of exploring Nepal. To Fly over the mountains of Nepal is not just beautiful but heart rendering moment of your…

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  • Hardest and Difficult Treks

    Most Hardest and Difficult Treks in Nepal

    Nepal is known as the famous ultimate outdoor-sports destination. Offering a wide range of sports like rock climbing, canyoning, ziplining etc. The most challenging sport may be skydiving from Mount Everest and land in the highest zone in the world.…

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  • Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu

    The 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Kathmandu

    The number of luxury hotels in Kathmandu is growing, especially in Kathmandu & Patan. These Luxury hotels often combine the ancient woodworking traditions of the Newari culture with the modern comforts of other hotels around the world. We have created…

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  • Everest base Camp Trek

    2 Best Treks in Nepal

    Nepal is famous for adventure trekking. The terrain of the Nepalese Himalayas offers various stunning trekking routes. It is rather unfair to name one as the best trek in Nepal. As, these routes are different and best on their own…

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