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Your travel checklist of the most important things you need to do and pack before visiting the Nepal. At Nepal Visitors we aim to make every part of your holiday as relaxing as possible. We know you may have questions about aspects of your holiday so we have compiled answers to all your essential travel.

The form of greeting in Nepal is “Namaste” performing by joining both palms together. It literally means “the divine in me salutes the divine in you”.

Overall, Nepal is ranked as one of the safer countries for travel. Politically, after a few years of Maoist turmoil, the country has now made great strides in political stability and is largely peaceful, although demonstrations might still occur (don’t get involved in these).

The locals here are friendly and generous and realise that tourism is a mainstay of their economy. Travellers will find themselves welcomed warmly, and with little to worry about in terms of personal safety. Keep normal safety precautions in mind; tell people where you’re going, don’t trek alone or walk by yourself late at night, keep your valuables out of sight, and avoid travelling on night buses.

For women, the risk of sexual harassment is relatively low, but it’s still advised that you don’t trek solo with a male guide and keep your clothing conservative.

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