Culture & Religion

Observations about life and society including Nepal culture & religion. Nepal is a multicultural, multilingual, and multiethnic country. Similarly Nepal has people of different religious tolerance among the people.

Most of these customs are brought from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. People of diverse religions and beliefs are the dominant features of Nepali society. Religions and philosophies of Nepal Buddhism were practiced by about 9% of the population. About 4.2% practice Islam and 3.6% of the population follows the indigenous Kirant religion.

Christianity is practiced officially by less than 1.0%. Hindu and Buddhist traditions in Nepal go back more than two millennia. The do’s and don’ts listed here are more flexible than they sound. You’ll make gaffes all the time and Nepalis will rarely say anything. When in doubt, do as you see Nepalis doing.

With more than 29.3 million people, Nepal is a country of thousands of ethnic groups, language dialects, and diverse traditions. Taking into consideration this array of cultural practices and beliefs, there is some culture & religion to follow when traveling to this dynamic country.

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