Tiger Series Khukuri

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Nepal Visitors Store is top supplier and distributor of Nepalese Kukri knives around the world. Buy high quality, hand forged Tiger Series Khukuri with lifetime warranty.

Tiger Series Khukuri, The real Nepalese Khukuri is the national weapon and utility knife of the Nepalese people. It holds a unique place in Nepalese culture as more than just an exquisite example of local craftsmanship. Or even a symbol of national pride, valor in battle, and personal bravery; although it is all of these things and more. Of course, whenever the legacy of the legendary Gurkha soldiers is discussed, it is inseparable from the legacy of their traditional weapon.

1 review for Tiger Series Khukuri

  1. Anthony McLeish

    Several dealers sell this item. My review is for the Nepal Visitos Shop. Got it yesterday. Fit and finish on mine are a lot better than many of the Nepal made knives. There a few small scratches under the high polish, however, this is to be expected. The edge profile is acute and the knife arrived shaving sharp with a smooth edge, not from coarse sanding wheels.

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