Kathmandu is a great place to buy camping equipment and outdoor wear if you are not looking for major name brands. Submit your travel shops in our travel directory. Shopping in Kathmandu for trekking clothes, cashmere product, handicrafts, statues, thangkas, trekking gear and equipment is an overwhelming experience for the first timer. So here’s our guide to making it easy.

  • Khukuri Mart

    Khukuri Mart

    Khukuri Mart was organized in 2001, a small store on prime location of tourist market where daily 100s of tourist make shopping. Khukuri was major selling handicraft among other crafts but because of the insurgency in the country. It was…

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  • Himalayan Cashmere

    Himalayan Cashmere Manufacturing Company

    Himalayan Cashmere Company was founded in 1995 by Padam Pun who created the company with the aim of creating their own collection in blend and pure cashmere. Cashmere knitwear for men and women of high quality. Buy the Cashmere collection…

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    Classic Cashmere Art

    Classic Cashmere Art extends a long standing tradition of excellence, quality and commitment to the international community. Romancing with creations of true Cashmere. Luxuriant, soft and feather light straight from the undercoat of the Himalayan goat. Crafted with personalized care…

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  • Krishna Pashmina Arts

    Krishna Pashmina Arts

    KPA Cashmere has given priority for its image rather than looking at profits and that is one reason it has been a preferred destination for the customers. For them, quality is central to everything they do and by producing only…

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  • Ex Gurkha Khukuri House

    Ex Gurkha Khukuri House

    Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House is the finest and largest maker of traditional and modern khukuris in the world today. These knives are the “real thing” – true, authentic khukuris: Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House is proud to have supplied the British Army’s crack…

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  • Star Trading House

    Star Trading House

    Amity Craft Nepal is established and registered with Government of Nepal, Department of Commerce and also a member of Handicraft Association of Nepal (HAN) and Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Nepal. We are one of the pioneers in manufacturing/exporting…

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