Nagarkot has a reputation as the top spot for enjoying Himalayan views from the comfort of your hotel balcony. Just 32km from Kathmandu, the village is packed with hotels, stacked up on a ridge facing one of the broadest possible views of the Himalaya. However, many hotels were damaged in the 2015 earthquake and it will be some time before the village is fully back on its feet. In terms of views, a visit to Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu. It’s a lovely place to visit where you can enjoy the local life of Nepal and spectacular views over the Himalayas during both sunrise and sunset.

People often visit Nagarkot to spend one or two nights to wake up early to see the beautiful sunrise. Nagarkot is actually one of the best places to see Mount Everest and other of the high snow covered peaks of the Himalayan mountain range.

If you’re planning on visit Kathmandu during spring – then We can highly recommend you to visit Nagarkot!

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