Day Trips Nepal

Nepal is the country famous for its mountain and the best trekking area. People come here for long trips and trek around the Himalayas. Besides these long trips, Nepal is also Famous for a Private day trip. Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot hike, and other different attractions are liked by people around the world. The day’s trips are suitable for all ages people including old people and children too.

Explore the best day trips in Nepal with amazing experience of Himalayan country. There’s plenty to see inside Nepal. You’ve got to catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape and the Himalayas. From mountain biking to hiking, our local insider Jase shares the best day trips to explore more of this incredible part of the world.

Hike around Kathmandu or explore the awesomeness Pokhara city. We offers a wide range of packages to cater your need. If you are willing to hike near Kathmandu then day tour to Kakani, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot or Daman can be a best option.

Pokhara is a city of wonder. Its awesomeness is beyond any words of description. You can either stroll around the city exploring the touristic places or hike up to Sarangkot for mountain and sunrise views. You can also engage yourself in different adventure activities like Bungee jumping, Zip flyer, Paragliding, boating and many more.

On that particular day, you will be exploring art, culture and cuisine and adventure activities available in that particular city. This is a short and sweet program for those wanting to see more of Nepal within a short time.

Likewise, we organize a day trips around Kathmandu and Pokhara valley. We organize this trip privately so that there want to be any problems for travelers. A private day trip around Kathmandu valley and Pokhara are given below:

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