10 Most Beautiful Nepali Female Singer

Nepali music industry is rapidly growing now a day because of the internet. If we look back 10 -15 years ago there is no social media platform to share music, a limited recording platform, limited recording platform means limited song.

There is no limitation, so many high label recording studio is here and the main factor is a social network. People can easily connect with each other they share their experience and talent on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc) and instantly get audience feedback. They can learn from others and also teach them through video, and chatting. There is a huge difference between then and now.

So here is the 10 Most Beautiful Nepali Female Singer

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1. Anju Panta

Anju Panta
Anju Panta

Anju Panta is a Nepali ghazals and playback singer. Having lent her voice to popular numbers like the title song of Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu, Bhun bhun bolyo bhamara of Saput, Dil yo mero dil in Kismat, and Sustari sustari mannma for Darr, Anju has sung for 18 films and more than 100 Nepali melodious songs both in duets and solos. Her ghazal Na birse timilai na paye timilai is considered one of the best song of her career.


2. Indira Joshi

Indira Joshi is one of the most popular Nepali singer, performer in the realm of Nepali Music Industry. She is a prominent female singer for Modern, Pop, Playback, Singer as well as judge of an International Franchise reality show Nepal Idol. She gains huge popularity in the Nepali music industry, not only young youth she has a new generation to old generation audiences.

3. Melina Rai

Melina Rai is one of the most popular and beautiful singer in Nepal. Her voice is so incredible, more than hundreds of hits songs. Dui Rupaiya movie song Kutu Ma Kutu is sung by Melina Rai who is cross 100 million-plus views on youtube which is the first song in Nepal.

She gains huge popularity in the Nepali music industry, not only young youth she has a new generation to old generation audiences.

4. Trishala Gurung

Trishala Gurung is a very well-known and rising singer, songwriter, Composer and model in the Nepali music industry. She is a very beautiful and versatile singer. Her journey was started as a cover singer. She makes a short cover video on a social network like Facebook and Instagram but letters her voice is massively popular on social media.

Now she becomes famous all over the country and social network even she did not have any solo album.

5. Trishna Gurung

Trishna Gurung is a most popular young rising singer, songwriter, and composer of Nepal. She is the multitalented, versatile and beautiful singer in Nepal. Trishna has recorded more than twenty songs till the date and covers some of the popular songs. She uploaded More than 45 videos on her official YouTube channel “Trishna Gurung”.

6. Samriddhi Rai

Samriddhi Rai is a well-known singer and songwriter in Nepal who vlogs her travels for the public to see with 69, 955 subscribers on her official YouTube channel with 32 posted videos. She has appeared/voiced in advertisements, such as KTM FM and other commercials as well as jingles.

She has been an artist since 2014 when she released her first album. Her work in the media is notable after having spent around 10 years in print journalism and now working in the world of video production

7. Prabisha Adhikari

Prabisha Adhikari is one of the popular and beautiful playback singers in the Nepali music industry. Her duet song “Phool Hoina” with Pratap Das in the movie “Rose” has been famous in the Nepali audience. This song makes a huge step for her musical career.

She performed so many other official songs Pakheta, Timro Manle Mero Manlai, Ojad Yo, Aideuna.

8. Nicky Karki

Nicky Karki is another popular beautiful singer in Nepal. Her voice and looks are so beautiful. She is belonging to Nepal but nowadays she lives in abroad.

Her singing journey started as a cover singer; she makes Nepali, Hindi and English cover songs on the social network. People start following her on social media and she starts to make videos professionally. Now she is a popular singer in the Nepali music industry. Her popular songs are Jet Udauchu, Mero Duniya Beglai Chha, Mayalu.

9. Nikhita Thapa

Nikita Thapa is another most popular and beautiful singer, songwriter, composer of Nepal. She is an established playback singer in the Nepali movie and Nepali music industry.

Nikita is doing national and international shows and recording. She sang so many Nepali movies song and “Maya le Boleko” is one of the most popular songs in the music industry

10. Suzeena Shrestha

Suzeena Shrestha is popular as a good voice and her glamorous looks. So she is one of the most beautiful singers of Nepal. She starts a music career with Kramasha Band and now she is involved with The Act.

She makes so many cover songs Timi Bhane, Kehi Mitho bata Gara, Parelima, Perfect, etc. Her original songs are Mero Maya, Ma Ko Hu, Haraeko, Jaba Ma, Bujhau ma.

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