The history of Nepal has been influenced by its position in the Himalaya and its two neighbours, modern day India and Tibet. It is a multiethnic, multiracial, multicultural, multi religious, and multilingual country.

  • History of Trekking in Nepal

    History of Trekking in Nepal

    The history of trekking in Nepal started after climbing expeditions of many majestic peaks. Nepal began its career as a trekker’s paradise in 1949 when a British adventurer, Bill Tilman, managed to get permission from the King to make several…

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  • History of Nepal

    History of Nepal

    The history of Nepal can broadly be divided in to three phases (Ancient, Medieval and Modern). The history of the Nepalese monarchy has been the integral and inseparable part of the history of Nepal. Nevertheless, Nepal has much more than…

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  • The Himalayas

    The Himalayas

    The Himalayas, the highest, youngest, and the most active continental mountain chain in the world today includes many fascinating geological and tectonic traits, which began to form about 50 million years ago and continue to evolve even today! In this…

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