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The traditional way of honey hunting is taken as adventure tour in the world. But in Nepal, honey hunting is still part of traditional livelihood that is why it is more interesting for the tourists to know the Nepali traditional honey hunting knowledge and skills. Besides, the tourists can experience culture, village life and the beautiful scene of green hills and Nepali Himalayas during honey hunting tour.

One of the ​unique activities in Nepal is gathering honey from the wild bees’ nests. Men are climbing high cliffs to get to the nests and harvest the honey. For honey, harvesting is the gathering of honey from wild bee colonies and is one of the most ancient human activities. Honey Hunting is one of the most challenging adventurous activities in Nepal. It is one of the oldest traditions in rural areas of Dhading, Gorkha, and Kaski districts.

The major place for honey hunting is called Bhujung & Ghalegaun at Lumjung. The brave and the strong having good knowledge about rock climbing, information about the Wild bees are eligible for this tour.

Nepal Honey Hunting is one of adventure activities in Nepal that form part of the ancient culture of numerous civilizations. Each year, an increasing number of Nepalis leave rural villages to work abroad, and honey hunting has become a way for the villagers to maintain a connection with their ancestors. Nepal Tours organize the mad honey trip for the purpose of film and documentary production and research.

There are at least five different honeybee species in Nepal. The wild honeybees make the beehives hanging on the rock. Honey hunting is an age-old tradition here in Nepal. The Gurung tribesmen of Nepal are master honey hunters, risking their lives collecting honeycomb in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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From the ground level to Bee Hives the height is about 300-400m. There are no easy alternatives to climbing the rock with the help of a bamboo ladder or rope. The lead honey hunter collects honey in the bucket from the beehives and passes down to another person. It is ideal early in the morning or in the cold as in the cold the honeybees are not active and leave the beehives easily.

Honey Hunting Location

There are few places where wild bee honey hunting is in practice. The cultural significance behind the honey hunting process is also an interesting part. Some of the major places for wild bee honey hunting are Ghalegaun, Pasgaun, Ghan Pokhara and Myagdi.

Wild Honey from Nepal

Nepal Visitors make every effort to ensure that the wild honey products reach you at their Organic best. Wild honey is extracted by the ‘cold press’ method without the use of heat. This helps preserve the pollen and the enzymes that occur naturally in honey.

Honey Hunting Seasons

This is a spectacular activity considering the hilly topography of the country. The hunting goes on in isolated areas and maybe a bit off the track. There are two seasons of honey hunting – late spring and late autumn and thus these are the times when you have most chances to see the hunters at work.

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