Nepalese Green Cardamom

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The outer covering can lend a unique flavor to tea if added along with tea leaves, and coffee as well. It is also one of the essential spices added to the garam masala mix and curry powder. Betel leaf preparations contain green cardamom. Available in 1KG pack.

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Green cardamom is a aromatic spice with a very wide range of uses. The plant has underground stems with leafy roots, large white or pale green leaves, pale green fruits and black seeds.

Green cardamom is often used in traditional Nepalese sweets and in masala tea (spiced tea). Both are also often used as a garnish in basmati rice and other dishes. The spice has a very warm aroma and pungent taste which it can retain for a very long time. Apart from using the entire pod as a flavoring, its black seeds powdered and the outer covering are also used.

Tip: It’s advisable to buy whole pods and ground the seeds as required since they lose their flavor when exposed. If you have a cold, cough or a congested chest, elaichi is the best natural remedy to relieve the symptoms.

Health Benefits: Helps in reducing gas, countering acidity and is considered good for asthma patients. It can also increase appetite and be used as a mouth freshener.


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