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Italy Schengen Visa Application Requirements And Process

If you plan to travel to Italy, you need a tourist visa. Here you will find the proper guideline on how to apply for the Italian Schengen visa

Italy is a country that never stops giving. Italy has breathtaking landscapes with delicious food, friendly locals and beautiful towns. Italy is an influential country in fashion, literature and design globally. People travel to Italy yearly to take in the country’s beauty for themselves.

If you plan to travel to Italy, you need a tourist visa. Here you will find the proper guideline on how to apply for the Italian Schengen visa and which documents are required for the application procedure:

Documents For Italy Schengen Visa

If you are planning to apply for an Italy schengen visa, then you will need to collect the following documents:

  • You must have a valid passport in good condition and not older than 10 years. You also must have 2 blank pages on the passport for a new visa stamp.
  • You need to have 2 passport sized photos.
  • A completely filled application form. There are 3 ways of application form submission. Firstly you can go to the nearest embassy or consulate to collect the application form. Second, you can easily download the application form online from visa embassy websites. Lastly, you can fill out the application form online, take print, and submit it to the Italian embassy. Remember to fill in all the correct information on your form because incorrect or false information may cancel your visa.
  • You must have a flight reservation for visa As embassies ask for this at the time of the interview because they want to know when you will return back to your home country and what are your travel dates.
  • You must have a bank statement as proof that you can easily support yourself during your whole stay in the Schengen zone.
  • If you want to stay for 5 days in Italy, then you must have at least 269.60 EUR
  • If you are planning to stay for 6 to 10 days, then you ut have at least 44.93 EUR per day
  • For a stay of 11 to 20 days, you can expect to have at least 51.64 EUR fixed amount with an additional 36.57 EUR per day.
  • For days more than 20 days, you can expect to have a fixed amount of 206.58 EUR with an additional amount of 27.89 EUR per day.
  • You must have a valid proof of accommodation. If you visit your friend or family, it can be a hotel reservation or the host family’s address.
  • You must have proof of travel medical insurance as it is one of the essential requirements for visa application. You must have at least travel insurance of 30000 EUR to meet any kind of emergencies like accidents or funerals in case of death.
  • Cover letter explaining your purpose of visit to Italy. It could be 2 pages at maximum.
  • Additionally, you may need to comply with COVID-19 regulations and rules in Italy. For more information, you can check all the COVID-19 information online in Italy. Depending on your employment status, you may need to provide the following documents:

If You Are An Employee At Any Company

  • A letter from your employer that you are an employee at the company and can financially support yourself.
  • 6 months statement of your company’s bank.

If You Are Self-Employed

  • Form of income tax return (ITR)
  • Copy of your business license
  • Bank statement of at least 6 months

If Student

  • If you are a student applying for a schengen visa, you must provide an enrollment certificate at an educational institute.
  • Another letter from your college or university stating that you will be absent from school for how much time and that you can easily support yourself during your stay in schengen country.

If Retired

  • An official document showing that you are retired
  • Your bank statement of at least 6 months.


Documents requirements may be different for different countries. You must check the requirements before applying for the schengen country.

Step To Apply For The Italian Schengen Visa

There are the following steps that the applicant takes to get a schengen visa application approval

Gather All The Essential Documents For Your Italy Schengen Visa Application

First, you must collect all the necessary documents for the Schengen visa application. You must check which documents you need to apply for the Schengen visa. Always arrange your documents two weeks before applying for the Schengen visa. Common documents may include a visa application, a cover letter, Schengen visa dummy tickets, hotel booking, health insurance, passport etc. Creating a checklist for the documents is recommended so you can get them all.

Step 2 – Fill Out Schengen Visa Application Form

Once you have arranged your documents, the next step is submitting the application form. Provide in all the correct information on the form because any false information may result in the cancellation of your visa.

Step 3 – Schedule An Appointment For A Schengen Visa

After filling out the application form, the next step is to submit the form and attach the supporting documents at the Embassy or consulate. But to do this, you must schedule an appointment with the embassy. When you apply at the embassy, the embassy will send you an email regarding the appointment day and time.

Step 4 – Attend Italian Schengen Visa Appointment

The fourth step is to attend the Schengen visa appointment. On the day of the appointment, you must appear at the embassy with all your original documents on time.

A representative at the embassy will ask you several questions referring to your purpose of visit to the schengen zone, the duration of the visit or your personal information.

After the interview, the embassy will collect your biometric data, including a digital photo and fingerprint.

Step 5 – Pay The Fee For Schengen Visa

After finishing the interview, you are required to pay the visa fee. Expect to pay roughly €80 per adult application and €40 for youngsters aged 6 to 12. There is no application cost for children under six. It depends on your embassy or consulate that you must pay before or after your interview.

Step 6 – Collect Schengen Visa From The Embassy

In the last step, you have o wait for feedback from the Italian embassy or consulate regarding the application. If your application is approved, you will get an email from the embassy, and in case of cancellation, you will also get an email. Successful applicants can get their visas from the embassy.

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