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Royalty Free Peaks

Government of Nepal has decided to royalty free peaks in certain Mountains. The glorious peaks of Nepal are calling out for climbers (first-timers and experienced) from all over the world. Come and get an everlasting taste of the magnificent Himalayas here in Nepal!

Apart from your travel expenses, you are required to pay royalty fees for your climb. Climbing the popular peaks include expensive royalty fees. These fees also depend on the season of your travel. Spring and Autumn are more expensive than winters as spring and autumn are the peak seasons for outdoor activities in Nepal.

However, there are some peaks that you can climb without paying any royalty fee.

100% Royalty Free Mountains list in Nepal

NumberName of the Peak and MountainAltitude in MeterDistrictZone
1.Fimkof Himal6697MBajhangSeti
2.Fimkof West Peak6645MBajhangSeti
3.Radsha Urai Peak6593MBajhangSeti
4.Surma-Sarovar, North Peak6523MBajhangSeti
5.Api Himal7132MDarchulaMahakali
6.Api west Himal7100MDarchulaMahakali
7.Saipal Himal7031MDarchulaMahakali
8.Saipal, East Himal6882MDarchulaMahakali
9.Jethi Bahurani Himal6850MDarchulaMahakali
10.Bobaye Peak6808MDarchulaMahakali
11.Nampa Peak6755MDarchulaMahakali
12.Nampa, South Peak6580MDarchulaMahakali
14.Mt. Korko6053MBajhangSeti
15.Mt. Roma5407MBajhangSeti
16.Mt. Dhaulagiri6632MBajhangSeti
17.Mt. Khiuri Khala5806MBajhangSeti
18.Mt. Nampa II6700MBajhang?DarchulaMahakali/Seti
19.Mt. Nampa III6618MBajhang/DarchulaMahakali/Seti
20.Mt. Yokopahar-(Nampa 7)6401MBajhang/DarchulaMahakali/Seti

As per the decision of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, mountains of the height less than 5800m will be promoted as trekking peaks and royalty fee has been waived for those peaks. Hence, the following peaks managed by NMA are free of royalty fee:

100% Royalty Free Peaks in Nepal Under NMA

NumberName of the Peak and MountainAltitude in MeterDistrictZone
1.Tent Peak5663MMustangDhaulagiri
2.Mardi Himal5587MKaskiGandaki
3.Yala Peak5732MRasuwaBagmati
4.Chukung ri5550MSolukhumbuSagarmatha

75% Royalty Free Mountains in Nepal:

NumberName of the Peak and MountainAltitude in MeterDistrictZone
1.Bhemdang Ri6150MRasuwaBagmati
2.Leonpo Gang (Big White Peak)6645MRasuwaBagmati
4.Gyalzen Peak6151MRasuwaBagmati
5.Bhairab Takura (Madiya Peak)6799MRasuwaBagmati
6.Nepal Peak6910MTaplejungMechi
7.Phurbi Chyachu6631MRasuwaBagmati
8.Ohmi Kangn6829MRasuwaBagmati
9.Kirat Chuli (Tent Peak)7365MTaplejungMechi
11.Kang Sar Kang7485MKaskiGandaki


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