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Safest Countries to Visit with Family: 10 Ultimate Vacation Places

Generally, countries that have a nice transportation system, weather, and lower crime rate are the perfect place for family vacations.

When was the last time you visited some other countries with your family?

I guess a lot of people can’t even remember. You might be one of them. If yes, it’s high time you should plan for one.

Regardless of the age and the number of your family members, you should prioritize safety. Speaking of safety, you choose a safe country for your next family vacation.

And here, the question arises about what are the safest countries to visit with family.

Generally, countries that have a nice transportation system, weather, and lower crime rate are the perfect place for family vacations. Countries like Iceland, Japan, Singapore, Austria, Switzerland, and a few more are considered the best places to visit with your family.

You need to consider a few essential factors as well. So, let me share the facts to consider while choosing the safest country for a family vacation.

Later on, I will help you to choose one.

What Makes A Country Safe to Visit with Family?

To consider a country safe to visit with family, you need to think about several vital criteria. These facts simply ensure the well-being and security of travelers in those places.

Here are the facts you should consider.

Low Crime Rates

Search for the crime rates of the country. Usually, countries with low crime rates provide a sense of security to families while traveling.

In a country with a lower crime rate, tourists are less likely to face incidents of theft, robbery, or scams.

For example, according to the global peace index, Iceland has the lowest crime rates.

Stable Political Environment

One of the statistics from the World Bank shows that Switzerland has a political stability index value of 1.13.

The range goes from -2.5 to 2.5, where -2.5 means the weakest political stability, and 2.5 is the best political stability.

So, it’s much safer to travel to Switzerland than the countries that have less index values.

A stable political environment is indispensable for ensuring the safety of tourists. Countries with political stability don’t usually have civil unrest, protests, or violence.

As you know, these facts can pose significant risks to travelers, especially families. So, choose a country that has stability in the political situation.

Good Safety Infrastructure

A country with a well-developed safety infrastructure ensures a few things. They will provide:

  • well-maintained roads,
  • reliable public transportation, and
  • access to emergency services.

Efficient transportation systems make it essential for families to move around. Your family can explore various destinations without facing unnecessary risks.

So, choose the country, also the place to visit that has a well-transporting system.

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Health and Hygiene Standards

High health and hygiene standards are essential for family travel. Make sure the place has clean drinking water, safe food practices, and proper sanitation facilities to minimize the risk of contracting waterborne or foodborne illnesses.

In such a case, you should select countries that prioritize public health measures and maintain stringent hygiene standards.

So, these are the essential facts you need to check to ensure that the country you are selecting is safe for your family. Prioritize your family preferences and then check the safety measures.

Top 10 Safest Countries to Visit with Your Family

As you’ve learned, the countries with lower crime rates, well-transportation, stable political situations, and a healthy environment are the safest countries you can choose. Here is the list of 10 beautiful countries you can visit.


Singapore is an amazingly beautiful country exceptionally known for its low crime rate and mesmerizing city views. For all its criteria most travelers consider it as the safest place to visit with family.

The city-state’s strict laws and efficient law enforcement contribute to a secure environment. With your family, you can explore various attractions worry-free. The city is known for its cleanliness and well-maintained public spaces.


According to the survey in 2023, Iceland is the safest country with the lowest crime rate. the otherworldly landscapes, geothermal hot springs, and Northern Lights create an unforgettable family vacation in Iceland.

The country’s low crime rate and friendly population ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for families exploring its natural wonders.

Even if the name is Iceland, this place has more greeneries than icy-covered places. So, you’ll definitely love to be in this place with your family.


Austria is also a very renowned country reputed for safety, cleanliness, and heavenly natural beauty. Its stunning Alpine landscapes and rich cultural heritage, and tons of family-friendly activities like skiing and hiking will definitely give your family a pleasure time together.

Whether you’re exploring the picturesque countryside or visiting historic castles and museums, Austria provides a secure and welcoming atmosphere.

You can visit Hallstatt, Graz, Bregenz, Zell am See, Wachau Valley, and so on.


Japan’s commitment to safety and its reputation for being one of the safest countries in the world make it an excellent choice for family travel. In the clean cities with amazing cherry blossom gardens, you can feel like you are in a heavenly place.

The efficient public transportation system ensures easy navigation for families. You can  explore famous attractions like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan.

Traditional cities like Kyoto offer a glimpse into Japan’s ancient culture without compromising safety.


Slovenia, a small European gem, is known for its natural beauty and friendly atmosphere. The natural beauty of this place simply amazes the traveler so quickly. The cities are clean and aesthetically mesmerizing in this place. All your family members will love it for sure.

Families can safely hike in the Julian Alps, explore enchanting towns, and enjoy the relaxed vibe of the capital city, Ljubljana.

The country’s relatively small size contributes to its overall safety and ease of travel.


With its breathtaking Alpine scenery and efficient public transportation, Switzerland is a family-friendly destination that takes safety seriously.

I am pretty sure that you don’t need any description of the natural beauty of this country. It literally goes by the name of the heavenly place on Earth.

Families can enjoy skiing, hiking, and exploring historic cities like Geneva and Zurich while feeling secure in the country’s stable environment.

If you choose this country, I would like to suggest places like Zermatt, Lausanne, Montreux, Jungfrau Region, and Grindelwald.

New Zealand

Besides Switzerland, New Zealand is another piece of heaven on earth. And of course, it is safe and even perfect for family vacations. This country is full of stunning landscapes, adventure sports, and friendly locals. This country is a great destination for families seeking a safe and enjoyable vacation.

From hiking in the Milford Sound to exploring the Hobbiton movie set, New Zealand offers numerous family-friendly activities within a secure environment.

In New Zealand, you should make sure to visit places like Auckland, Queenstown, Wellington, Rotorua, etc.


Even if some people may not agree with me, I would like to suggest you visit the most peaceful country in the world, which is Bhutan.

Bhutan’s commitment to sustainable tourism and its relatively low crime rate make it an excellent choice for family vacations.

The country’s eye-soothing mountain scenery and rich cultural experiences, such as hiking to the Tiger’s Nest monastery and attending local festivals, offer enriching experiences for families.

Even though you can’t get modern cities, in Bhutan you can feel like being in the middle of nature like nowhere else.


The Netherlands is known for its picturesque canals, colorful tulip fields, and safe environment. With your family, you can visit famous attractions like the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, and cycling through the countryside is a popular and secure way to explore the country.

A perfect combination of amazing cities and mind-blowing natural beauty will definitely give you an unforgettable family vacation experience.

Also, if the region is close to your country, you shouldn’t make an excuse. It’s the Netherlands!


Despite being known for its ancient temples and beautiful beaches, Cambodia has made significant strides in enhancing safety for tourists. This place is considered the best country to visit with family and kids.

Usually, families can explore the iconic Angkor Wat temple complex, enjoy the Tonle Sap Lake, and relax on the beaches of Sihanoukville while feeling secure and welcomed by the friendly locals. This country has numerous popular tourist spots that you shouldn’t miss either.

So, these are the most secure countries you can visit with your family. Aside from these specific countries, you can also keep South Korea, Thailand, Scotland, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, etc. on your wishlist for a family tour.


What factors contribute to a country’s safety for family travel?

The list will go like this: Low crime rates, stable political environments, good safety infrastructure, family-friendly activities, and high health and hygiene standards are essential factors for safe family travel.

How can I find information on a country’s crime rate before traveling with my family?

You can check official travel advisories, online resources, and government websites for updated crime rate statistics and safety recommendations.

What is the world’s safest city to visit with family?

Tokyo is often considered the world’s safest city to visit with family. Tokiyo has a low crime rate, efficient public transportation, numerous family-friendly attractions, and a welcoming culture to ensure an enjoyable experience for all ages.

Wrapping Up

You should have a proper idea of the crime rate, political situation, weather, transportation, and similar basic criteria of the country. The mentioned countries are perfect when you consider such criteria. So, be thoughtful when you select the country.

But before that, make sure to prioritize your family member’s preferences and support. I hope you’ll have a safe and sound family vacation next time.

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