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Two bodies found in Nepal search for missing South Koreans

An Army rescue team prepares to go on the avalanche site in Annapurna mountain region for searching the missing trekkers in Pokhara, some 200km west of Kathmandu. Two bodies, believed to be of missing South Koreans hit by a Himalayan avalanche, have been found, officials said on Sunday (April 26), a day after the corpse of a Nepali guide surface.

Two bodies believed to be of South Koreans missing after being hit by a Himalayan avalanche in January.  Today have been found, officials said on Sunday (April 26), a day after discovering the corpse of their Nepali guide.

A wall of snow hit a trekking trail at about 3,230m near the Annapurna base camp  on Jan 17,  burying four South Koreans and three locals.

Avalanches and more snowfall since then made it too dangerous to launch a proper hunt. Police returned to the area Friday after thawing snow revealed a bag.

“A team of rescuers in an army helicopter is trying to bring two more bodies from the avalanche site which we found on Saturday,” Kaski district police chief Dan Bahadur Karki told .

“Both bodies have not been identified yet but they could be of the South Koreans as they were found at the same area where they went missing.”  The body of the Nepal guide was found on Friday.

Another body of a local guide, who had worked for a Chinese team, was also found a month earlier.

Nepal has been in a coronavirus lockdown for the past month with all trekking permits suspended.

Thousands of trekkers visit Nepal every year for its stunning views of the Himalayas and routes lined with picturesque villages.

The Annapurna region is particularly popular, with more than 170,000 visitors in 2018.

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