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Russia evacuates 110 citizens amid lockdown in Nepal

Some 4,479 foreign tourists evacuated from the Himalayan nation after coronavirus lockdown left tourists in limbo

Russia on Monday evacuated 110 citizens who were stranded in Nepal following a nationwide lockdown imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus, an airport official said.

“The Russian Embassy requested us to allow them to fly out of Kathmandu in their own aeroplane,” said Debendra KC, general manager of Tribhuvan International Airport.

Some 4,479 foreign tourists from Western countries including France, Germany, Australia, the United States and Canada have returned home after their government arranged chartered flights for them, said Kabindra Bhatta, an officer at Nepal Tourism Board.

He said an estimated 10,000 tourists had been stranded in Nepal after the country went into a nationwide lockdown on March 24.

Tens of thousands of foreigners visit Nepal every spring season, which runs between April and May, for trekking and mountaineering.

Thirty-one people have tested positive for coronavirus in Nepal. They include 15 Indians who had crossed the open border. Four Nepalese have returned home after recovering from COVID-19.

Anadolu Agency

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