Wool Yoga Blanket

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Our Wool Yoga Blanket is larger than a twin-size mattress, measuring 7′ long and 3.5′ wide. It drapes your full body as you sit to meditate or lie down for yoga savanna without leaving any bare limbs hanging out.

To help you stay comfortable and focused during your yoga & meditation, you want to make sure your body stays warm. This is especially important if you meditate in morning or in the evening before bed. The temperature is usually cooler and you’re often meditating in your PJs. To help stay warm you can use a blanket or a meditation shawl.

There are so many varieties of meditation shawls available. It’s easy to find one that matches your decor, or comes in your favorite color, or has a beautiful pattern. You should also keep in mind the materials they’re made of. You want something soft and warm so you’re not distracted during your meditation.

Our Wool Yoga Blanket are made of 90% Nepalese wool (for warmth) and 10% polyester (for durability). Made in Nepal, an area known for its master craftsmanship of textiles and garments.


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