Shakyamuni Buddha Statue


This quality 24K gold partially gilded statue represents Shakyamuni Buddha taking the earth as witness of its Enlightenment. You will notice the accuracy of the statue as a viewing standpoint. It’s beautiful craft work that is done here as support for your ritual practices.

This particular sculpture of Shakyamuni Buddha has some characteristics that are different from the more standard Himalayan and Tibetan examples. Gautam Buddha is believed to have had 550 incarnations. He was born on 563 B.C. at Lumbini, western part of Nepal. He died at the age of 80 at Kushinagara.

Material: Lost Wax Method, Copper Alloy with Gold Gilded with Face Painted.
Material Used : Copper Alloy with 24 K Gold Repousse with Antique Finished.
Size Of The Buddha Statue: Height: 12″
Weight: This beautiful 12″ Sakyamuni Buddha Statue weighs 3.7KG (approx).
Crafted By: This wonderful 12″ Sakyamuni Buddha Statue crafted by the experienced artists of Patan, Nepal who have been in this business for generations.

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