Ganesh Wooden Mask


Ganesh Wooden Mask is very popular wooden crafts and it is a protective wooden product. Perfect for wall hanging, face mask of Hindu God, Lord Ganesh.

Ganesh Wooden Mask is fully handmade from the experts artists in Nepal using Sal or Lahare Pipal, soft wood, colorful paints. Ganesh, the elephant headed god of wisdom and success is the defender and remover. He is one of the son of Shiva/Parbati. Also known as Ganesha, Siddhi Datta or bestow-er of success in the work.

His elephant head is believed to be an emblem of wisdom and his mount an emblem of sagacity. His mount is the “Mooshika” called shrew.

Ganesh Wood crafts is a great auspicious gift for house and one of the most appreciated masks by our customers. He is also known as Vinayaka and can be found in most of the Hindu’s home, temples.

The products size are available on 9″x5″,12″x7″, 15″x10″and 18″x12″ or as per Customer requirements


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