Nepal Fishing Tour are continuously exploring more and more of the fishing in Nepal so that Nepal Tours can offer you the best choice of Nepal’s Fishing venues. Nepal is the second richest country for water resources in the world. Thousands of rivers originating from Himalaya are the fresh water sources. Besides them, there are hundreds of lakes in the country. If you are interested for fishing tour in Nepal, this would be best holiday trip with camping accommodation alongside rivers and enjoying with your fishing trip. There are hundreds of wild rivers where you can go for fishing. We provide you all kinds of accommodation, food, fishing equipment’s and necessary transports. Some rivers and lakes are inside national parks or protected areas where you should get permit for fishing and many rivers are free to do fishing.
Betrawati, Indrawati, Karnali, Trishuli and koshi are the famous rivers in Nepal where fishing can offer. Nepal is a land of assorted geography, climate, ethnicity and biodiversity more or less 185 species of fish are found and most striking one are trout, catfish, murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and crap. The Best season for fishing is from October to November and February to May. Some regular fishing areas are Karnali, Babai in Bardia, Bhotekoshi Dolalghat on kodari highway and Pokhara lake gifted with good fishing spot for fishing lovers. Also different fish are found in Karnali river among the several fishes golden masher is valuable among others fish. Karnali river is the best place for golden masher fishing.
Despite fast flowing rivers and large lakes all across the country, Nepal is underrepresented for sport fishing. Yet, more than 118 varieties of fresh water fish are found in the Himalayan waters. These include the much sought after Golden Mahseer in the Far West, and varieties of trout found lurking in mountain streams.
In some of River Fishing are strictly prohibited but while fishing, fisherman should not forget to take care of some other aquatic species such as fresh water dolphins, Crocodiles etc in the Koshi, Rapti and Narayani River system. Boats, fishing rods and tackle are available on hire. Fishing is all the more fun in mountain streams. In the Terai river water large catfish, murrel and carp are found in abundance.
The Himalayan Rivers, Drift Nepal, Nepal Tours & Extreme River Rafting offers fishing adventure lovers. Approximately more than 185 species of exotic fish are dancing around the fresh Himalayan water, ranging from the much sought after Mahseer to the mountain stream trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and crap (the crap is the largest fish which can be of several kilos). It is an exciting and wonderful spot to hook out the colorful fish in the clear Himalayan rivers. The best season is from October to November and February to May.
For Fishing in Nepal, The following equipment’s are needed.
FISHING REELS:  Fishing reels in various brands such as Shimano fishing reels, Penn Reels, Okuma, Jarvis Walker and more. If you are after a new fishing reel for fishing from the rocks, beach, boat or river we have a fishing reel for you
FISHING RODS: Check out our online fishing store for your Fishing Rod needs. Normally you can use these brands such as Penn, Ugly stick, Wilson, Live Fibre, Shimano Fishing Rods along with many other brands for Himalayan rivers.
FISHING ROD & REEL COMBOS: For most budgets a fishing rod and reel combo. You dont need to by in separate so that you can keep easily.
FISHING LURES: Fishing lures is the most important for Nepal Tours. Normally you can use spinning lures, hard bodied lures, barra lures, larger saltwater lures and a range of soft plastic fishing lures. Lure brands such as Halco, Rapala, Squidgies, Raider, Berkley Gulp, Pakula Lures, Dojo & Slam baits.
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