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Who we are? Whether you intend to seek out relaxation, cultural exploration or action and adventure during your time in Nepal, Nepal has everything you need to help you plan your perfect trip. Our Nepal Trekking website provides an excellent travel and tourism resource for everyone: from the first time Nepal tourist to the seasoned visitor; and from the thrill seeker to those in search of peace and tranquility.

Planning Your Perfect Itinerary
With such rich and diverse sights and activities on offer in Nepal, it is hard to know where to start. Nepal has everything you need to know to ensure you plan a trip that is perfect for you:

Where and When To Go
To get started, you will want to know where and when to go. Our guides to Nepal’s rivers, lakes, parks and mountains are an excellent place to start and make sure you check out the climate and rainfall so you don’t get caught out by unexpected weather.

Travel Essentials
Wherever you are travelling from, Nepal visitors has all the information you need about getting to Nepal and with our list of useful Nepali phrases, you’ll find getting around much easier. With essential advice such as visa requirements and arrangements, travel insurance options and even guidance on responsible tourism; we’ll make sure you get off to a flying start.

What To Do In Nepal
Nepal is a land so diverse in its geography, nature, culture and people, it makes for a myriad of holiday possibilities. Many come to Nepal specifically for the trekking or climbing, however there are so many other things to see and do that tourists looking for a less energetic itinerary will find an abundance of attractions. For more inspiration, perusing the photo gallery will give you plenty of ideas and get you excited about your trip.

Trekking and Climbing Holidays
With breathtaking landscapes from the subtropical forests to the mighty mountains of the Himalayas it is no wonder that many visitors come to Nepal for trekking. What better way to experience all that Nepal has to offer than by adventuring and trekking your way through trails and mountain passes, through small villages and wilderness? The ambitious trekker might even return home with the ultimate badge of honor: having climbed the highest mountain in the world (even if you just make it to the base camp). Those in search of less serious trekking might be interested in a shorter trek and those looking to explore away from the beaten path will be pleased to find a number of less touristy treks in Nepal, offering peace and tranquility on the way. Whatever your style of trekking, Nepal  has regularly updated, in depth advice and tips gleaned from professionals and experts to enable you to learn all you need to know before you set off; such as when is best to trek, where trekking permits are required, clothing and equipment advice, symptoms of altitude sickness and much, much more, meaning you can turn up in possession of all the essential information, ready to go.

The more adventurous explorers will no doubt be excited by the climbing possibilities that Nepal’s many peaks have to offer. There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement from standing on the summit of a snow covered peak and breathing in that crisp fresh mountain air. Check out the useful guides to Nepal’s treks and peaks in the left hand navigation bar.

Action and Adventure
If all that trekking and climbing isn’t enough to get your pulse racing, there are numerous other activities in Nepal for the adrenaline junkie. You might be surprised to know that bungee jumping and river rafting are both activities on offer in Nepal and those who like to take to the skies to explore new lands might consider paragliding, helicopter charter or a mountain flight. The adventurous sorts who like to have their travel arrangements taken care of for them might consider one of the many interesting tours on offer. From tours of specific regions to tailored tours such as those for honeymooners or bird watching enthusiasts, you can be sure that Nepal Trekking has all the information you require. The truly intrepid traveller might even consider a mountaineering expedition; and what better place for such an adventure than the Himalayan mountains?

History, Heritage and Culture
The Nepalese people are particularly diverse in their ethnicity and culture owing to the country’s rich history. Those in search of immersion in Nepal’s cultural heritage can read read up on Nepal’s museums and galleries; arts and culture and the people themselves. An exciting way to experience Nepalese culture and to mix with the locals is by planning your holiday to coincide with one of the many festivals celebrated in public places and our guide organizes the festivals by month to make this simple.

Where To Stay
With all that trekking, climbing and cultural exploration on offer, you’ll want to find a hotel that is perfectly suited to your needs in which to relax and recuperate after a full day of sightseeing or adventure. Our hotels page organizes recommended hotels by their star rating on the left hand navigation bar, or by category, location and service at the bottom of the page, making finding the right hotel for you quick and easy. You can also search hotels by availability for your chosen holiday dates, making Nepal Visitors the ideal booking portal for a wide range of hotel options.

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