The Gorkha Durbar

The Gorkha Durbar
The Gorkha Durbar

The Gorkha Durbar offers it name, before 1947 India had a British East India Company and they were so impressed with the fighting abilities of the Nepal hills people in 1814 and they could not make their own colony and they allowed it to remain it with a source of warriors of this country whom they called Gurkhas for the British army recruited first time in 1815 in Nepal. The attractions are Gorkha Durbar (palace), Dhuni Pati, Kalika Temple 1450m, and fort with great view of Himalaya including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and valleys, Tallo Durbar as a museum now and rural life with their own district town with sun set view are great in here.

It’s a half-hour-plus 300m slog up a stone stairway to the Gorkha Durbar from Pokharithok, the junction just east of Tallo Durbar. With a 4WD vehicle, it is possible to drive most of the way up, circling round via the western side, but the walk is half the pleasure and provides a properly testing approach. After a landmark swami (weeping fig) tree, the path forks: the most direct route ascends steeply through the old, pleasantly rural village, where there are opportunities to buy cold drinks and cups of tea; the longer, gentler left fork leads towards the ridgetop a short distance to the west of the palace.

The twin buildings of the palace sit atop the steepest, highest point of the ridge, buttressed by serried ranks of stone walls, and approached by a royal staircase worthy of any prince. It must have cowed visiting vassals into submission – a neat trick for a tin-pot realm that could barely muster 150 soldiers at the time of Prithvi Narayan’s first campaign. Entrance to the Durbar is through a doorway towards the western side, reached by a path to the left of the retaining wall. No leather is allowed in the compound.

Gorkha is interesting for short hiking takes 40 minute uphill to get Palace. Some building is believed early 17th century built. The October and late march falls Hindu festivals and sacrifice many male goats in the temple by social association and public’s for wishful fill. This place is famous for the initiations for the yogis by their gurus who pierce their ear and put disc in it. The Dhunipati with Shiva Temple is here. You should climb 30 minute to get ridge with ruins of a fort where is telephone tower with a great views and film makers goes to here sometime to make music video in this spot. The town has available tourist accommodation for overnight. Please contact to us more information to visit here.

Among the sites to visit, Gorkha Durbar tops the list. This historical palace is a one-hour walk from the downtown Gorkha. The palace is strategically located over a fortified hillock. On the southwestern side of palace lies the temple of Goddess Gorakhkali. A cave that claims to shelter the statue of Gorakhnath, the MAHAYOGI sage, adjoins it.  The place is picture-perfect to have a view of Mansalu and Himalchuli peaks of Himalayas. Nevertheless, the best place to have a view of the palace and peaks is Upallokot, a viewpoint made on a pedestal over the hill at the height of some 5000 feet.

The other important site is Mankamana Temple. The place lays on a beautiful ridge southeast of the township of Gorkha. The temple, a famous pilgrimage for Hindus, is dedicated to Manakamana, the holy goddess of aspirations. It is a four-hour uphill walk from a place called Anbu Khaireni on Kathmandu-Pokhra Highway.

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