TAAN Losar Festival to be organized in Thamel

TAAN Losar
TAAN Losar

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) has decided to celebrate TAAN Losar Festival in Thamel on February 17.  Speaking at a press meet organized at TAAN Secretariat in Maligaun, TAAN officials said preparations for the festival were at the final stage. In the past years, TAAN used to celebrate Lhosar festival by organizing ‘Lhosar Dinner Ball’ in different hotels. This year it is organizing the festival in Thamel – the tourist hotspot in Kathmandu Valley – to promote Lhosar festival as a cultural tourism product.

TAAN President Ramesh Prasad Dhamala said the festival will see cultural performances of different ethnic groups like Gurungs, Tamangs and Sherpas.The program will begin with a cultural procession from Sanchayakosh Building. The procession will pass through different thoroughfares in Thamel before culminating into a formal program at Tridevi Marg.

Traditional dances like Syabru (Sherpa), Maruni (Gurung) and Tamang (Selo) will be performed on the occasion. Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee will organize a special ‘Mhendo La’ Dance in Thamel. There will also be food stalls showcasing traditional cuisines of Sherpa, Gurung and Tamang communities, among others.

The program will also see various entertainment and fun-filled programs like live concert, modern dances and DJ session, among others. Renowned artistes like Performance by renowned artistes like Roj Moktan, DJ Tenzing, Mingma Sherpa, Resma Sunuwar, Himal Ghale, Abhinash Ghising, Nirmala Ghising, Sunil Lama, Jyoti Magar, Mausam Gurung, Sanjaya Gurung, Bhimu Gurung, AP Sherpa, Jayabir Tamang, Arambha Tamang, Bharat Sitaula, Dorji Lama, Suman Thapa Magar and DJ Biki are scheduled to perform at the program.

Taan Losar Event Map 2015
Taan Losar Event Map 2015

“By organizing the festival in Thamel, we want to press the authorities not to limit night activities in Thamel to say 10 pm. As a tourist hotspot, Thamel should operate round the clock,” TAAN General Secretary Sagar Pandey said.

Similarly, festival coordinator Kul Bahadur Gurung, who is also the second vice president of TAAN, said TAAN will give continuity to the festival based on response from the participants.

TAAN plans to organize the festival every year on February 17 to promote it as a cultural tourism product.

Events Summary:

Program Title: TAAN Losar Festival 2015
Venue: Thamel Street – Tridevi Sadak
Time: 11AM – 10PM
Organiser: Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal.
Date: 17th Feb 2015
Note: Please avoid your personal vehicle at the event place and time. Keep your vehicle parking at Lainchour, Durbar Marg, Sorakhutte.

What they do in Losar:
In ancient times when the peach tree was in blossom, it was considered as the starting of a new year. Since the systematization of the Tibetan calendar in 1027 A.D. the first day of the first month came to be fixed as the day of New Year. On the New Year’s Day, families unite and ‘auspicious dipper’ is offered, and the auspicious words ‘Tashi Delek’ are greeted. Losar is the Tibetan New Year, a three-day festival that mixes sacred and secular practices — prayers, ceremonies, hanging prayer flags, sacred and folk dancing, partying. During the month before Losar, in Tibetan households the eight auspicious symbols and other signs are drawn on walls with white powder. In monasteries, the several protector deities are honored with devotional rituals. On the last day of the year, monasteries are elaborately decorated. In homes, cakes, candies, breads, fruits and beer are offered on family altars. Tibetans follow a lunar calendar, so the date of Losar changes from year to year.

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