Royalty free peaks in Nepal

Royalty Free Peaks
Royalty Free Peaks

Nepal with 1310 identified Himalayan peaks over 6000m including 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world is unquestionably a premier mountaineering and climbing destination for thousands of climbers and mountaineers testing their skills and endurance and fulfilling their desire to summit a Himalayan peak and marvel the world from its rooftop. Currently there are 326 peaks open for climbing and mountaineering in Nepal. Government of Nepal has decided to exempt royalty for ascending certain peaks in Nepal. The government has announced partial and total exemption of royalty on 60 mountain peaks of the Kingdom of Nepal. The new announcements are made with the view of promoting the trekking and mountaineering sector in connection with the destination Nepal Year 2002-003, the golden jubilee celebration of the successful ascent of Mt. Everest and International Mountaineering Tourism Year 2012.

100% royalty free peaks in Nepal.

Number Name of the Peaks Altitude in Meter District Zone
1. Fimkof Himal 6697M Bajhang Seti
2. Fimkof West Peak 6645M Bajhang Seti
3. Radsha Urai Peak 6593M Bajhang Seti
4. Surma-Sarovar, North Peak 6523M Bajhang Seti
5. Api Himal 7132M Darchula Mahakali
6. Api west Himal 7100M Darchula Mahakali
7. Saipal Himal 7031M Darchula Mahakali
8. Saipal, East Himal 6882M Darchula Mahakali
9. Jethi Bahurani Himal 6850M Darchula Mahakali
10. Bobaye Peak 6808M Darchula Mahakali
11. Nampa Peak 6755M Darchula Mahakali
12. Nampa, South Peak 6580M Darchula Mahakali
13. Mt.Rokapi 5467M Bajhang Seti
14. Mt. Korko 6053M Bajhang Seti
15. Mt. Roma 5407M Bajhang Seti
16. Mt. Dhaulagiri 6632M Bajhang Seti
17. Mt. Khiuri Khala 5806M Bajhang Seti
18. Mt. Nampa II 6700M Bajhang – Darchula Mahakali/Seti
19. Mt. Nampa III 6618M Bajhang – Darchula Mahakali/Seti
20. Mt. Yokopahar-(Nampa 7 ) 6401M Bajhang – Darchula Mahakali/Seti

75% Royalty Free Mountains in Nepal:

Number Name of the Peak and Mountain Altitude in Meter District Zone
1. Bhemdang Ri 6150M Rasuwa Bagmati
2. Leonpo Gang (Big White Peak) 6645M Rasuwa Bagmati
3. Gindharva 6248M Kaski Gandaki
4. Gyalzen Peak 6151M Rasuwa Bagmati
5. Bhairab Takura (Madiya Peak) 6799M Rasuwa Bagmati
6. Nepal Peak 6910M Taplejung Mechi
7. Phurbi Chyachu 6631M Rasuwa Bagmati
8. Ohmi Kangn 6829M Rasuwa Bagmati
9. Kirat Chuli (Tent Peak) 7365M Taplejung Mechi
10. Urknmang 6151M Taplejung Mechi
11. Kang Sar Kang 7485M Kaski Gandaki

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has categorized the mountains of Nepal into various classifications, one of these being called trekking peak or Group B Climbing Peak as per the NMA. A trekking peak is a mountain under 7,000 metres (22,970 ft) that is considered climbable by anyone with a moderate amount of mountaineering experience and skills. While some can be climbed without crampons or an ice axe, most require use of this equipment. In order to attempt a trekking peak, a climbing permit (non-refundable) must be obtained from the NMA in Kathmandu. Peaks above 7,000 m are categorized as expedition peaks and demand much higher permit fees.

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