Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal
Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal Visitors has always been providing desired and friendly information services to the valued adventure travelers. We are fully provide information and support for trekking peak & obtaining permission.  Nepal having 1310 Himalayan peaks over 6000 meters offers joys of mountaineering in Nepal which can be combined with the pleasure of Trekking & Expedition. Trekking Peak Climbing is one of the most popular and successful adventure programs for among the adventure lovers of the world. To make this program more friendly and successful, there are more than 30 minor trekking peaks open for climbing under Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Peak Climbing In Nepal.
Nepal has been the focus of outstanding achievements in the world of peak climbing. Search multiple peaks for peak climbing in Nepal. Nepal peak climbing – most adventure and popular Mountain climbing holidays activities. We provide you the best trekking peak, peak climbing permit, peak climbing royalties, climbing guides and porters, Nepal government rule and regulation for the climbing, climbing equipment check list and recommended agencies.

We are giving the following peak climbing information in Nepal Himalaya. Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) Climbing-5663m, Ramdung Go Peak Climbing – 5925m, Paldor Peak Climbing – 5896m, Pokhalde Peak Climbing – 5806m, Pisang Peak Climbing – 6091m, Pharchamo Peak Climbing – 6187m, Mera Peak & Amaphu Lapse Climbing – 5415m, Mera Peak Climbing – 6654m, Mardi Himal Climbing – 5587m, Lobuje Peak Climbing – 6119m, Kusum Kangru Peak Climbing – 6367m, Kongma Tse (Mehra) Peak Climbing – 5849m, Island Peak Climbing Via Chola Pass – 6183m, Kwangde Peak Climbing – 6011m, Chulu East Peak Climbing – 6584m, Mera Peak Climbing, Hiunchuli Peak Climbing – 6441m, Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga) Climbing – 5844m, Chulu Weast Peak Expedition – 6419m, Island Peak Climbing Via Kalapattar – 6183m.

The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has classified 33 peaks in Nepal as “trekking peaks“, a misleading name because all involve climbing. Ranging from 5650-6500m (18,537-21,325ft) some are, however, of appropriate height and climbing grade for commercial expeditions. “Limited bureaucracy” peaks would be a better name..

Fee Structure for Group “A” NMA Peaks: Royalty for up to seven members: USD 500.00 Royalty for each additional member upto 12 persons: USD 100.00

Fee Structure for Group “B” NMA Peaks: Royalty for 1-4 members: USD 350.00 Royalty for 5-8 members: USD 350.00 + USD 40.00 per person Royalty for 9-12 members: USD 510.00 + USD 25.00 per person Note : Maximum number of members in one team is 12.

Garbage Deposit for all 33 NMA Peaks. A Garbage Deposit fee of USD 250.00 payable to NMA is required to obtain permits for all 33 NMA peaks. Refunds on the Garbage Deposit shall be as per NMA provisions.

The following equipment lists are suggested and essential for both camp & tea house treks in the Himalayas. Make use of this list as a guideline; some of the equipment can be hired in Katmandu as well. Besides, keep in mind trekking gear can be bought in the many adventure shops in Katmandu, the majority of gear is locally manufactured (hence a lot cheaper) although it is becoming more common for gear to be imported from China and therefore of better quality.

Equipments checklists – climbing trips In addition to the above list of suggested trekking equipment, you should take along with various items of mountaineering tools. For any trip which has crossed by steep, snow-covered ground, or which has included section of glacier travel, it might be necessary for the group roping up as a safety precaution. To facilitate this process of roping up, you will need to maintain a minimum requirement, a climbing harness, a climbing sling and two locking carabineers. Plastic mountaineering boots, a mountaineering ice axe and a pair of crampons with front points are the other items of equipment, which are required for our trekking peak trips.

An explanation of the equipment that you will need:

Daypacks for climbing trips 3000-4000 cubic inches. For climbing trips, you will be required to carry more warm clothing during the climbs and also your personal climbing gear. For this reason, you will need a slightly bigger daypack than for a trekking-only trip. If you have any questions about gear, please do not hesitate to call our office for advice.  


Equipment Rental

In order to minimize your expense outlay for trekking and climbing equipment you may never use again, we offer a wide range of equipment available for rent for the duration of your trip. All rental equipment can be picked up from your trip leader upon arrival for your trip.  Once you’ve completed your trek and essentially graduated, you’ll be eager to get home to send out graduation announcements to your family and friends to let them know of your achievements but don’t forget to first return the equipment you’ve rented. Then, after you’ve returned your equipment and paid the rental fees and any other orders of business you need to take care of you can head to a computer to send out graduation announcements and you can do that.

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