Nagarkot Travel Information

Nagarkot Travel Information
Nagarkot Travel Information

Nagarkot Travel Information – Nagarkot, located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu, is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise when the weather is clear. Visitors often travel to Nagarkot from Katmandu to spend the night there so that they can then get up early and observe the breathtaking sunrise. Nagarkot has acquired the fame as one of the best spots to view Mount Everest as well as other snow- topped peaks of the Himalayan range in the eastern Nepal. It also offers an excellent view of the lndrawati river valley lying to the east.

With an elevation of 2195 meters, Nagarkot also offers a panoramic view of the Valley and is generally described by visitors as a place whose beauty endures all year round with a harmonious blending of the changing scenery. Many visitors prefer to visit Nagarkot in the spring when the valleys and dales of the surrounding area break out in a rich kaleidoscope of differently coloured flowers. The flowers stand in stark beauty against the serene backdrop of the snow-covered mountains on the horizon. Ever popular among the tourists are the less-exacting treks and picnics which Nagarkot offers. Treks frorn Nagarkot are unique and delightful. For anyone who may want to have an adventure without exerting much effort, a hike to Nagarkot’s surrounding areas would be the best option. One can always traverse short distances on trekking trails and come close to nature’s wonders such as the outer fringe of verdent forests, flower- covered Himalayan meadows and unusual rock formations.

When to Visit
Nagarkot is an all year round destination with something to offer for visitors. Though to experience the grandeur of the Himalaya, the best time to visit is during the months of October to December, when the weather is crisp and the sky’s and clear. Spring time during February to May is enchanting time to visit with green valleys and mist shrouded mountain views, at this time of year wildflowers abound, the weather is mild and the villagers busy in the fields.

What to Bring
For your stay in Nagarkot, you don’t need much. Just bring along your personal items, a warm jacket or jumper for the evening, your camera to capture to views. The evening can get chilly so make sure you have warm clothes.

How to get Nagarkot
You can hire a private vehicle form Kathmandu, enjoy half day sightseeing in Bhaktapur on the way or in the main tourist season there is a daily bus service from behind Thamel to Nagarkot. Alternatively there are hourly local buses from Bhaktapur city and Kathmandu Bus Park. If you catch the local bus, you will have to change in Kamalbhinayak to get the bus to Nagarkot. You can also hire a motorbike from Kathmandu and drive yourself up to Nagarkot if you have international drivers license.

Most of the hotels in Nagarkot have their own private transport for the tourist. Apart from this, there is proper public transportation facility. At one and half hours of transportation from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu (International Airport), one can easily reach to Nagarkot with the view of beautiful sceneries in the surroundings.

Things to do
One alternative option to getting to Nagarkot is by Mountain Bike. One can hire a bike in one of Kathmandu’s mountain bike shops. There are two options; one is the route from Boulda and Sankhu, a nice off-road ride through the country side with 9km of climbing on a rugged jeep track. The second is the easier on road option, though be prepared for a little traffic, from Kathmandu cycle to Bhaktapur and then head to Kamalbhinayak and the road through Telkot to Nagarkot, total is 32 km with 11 km of easy pitched road climbing.

There are several hiking routes to Nagarkot. One is from Bhaktapur via Changunayran Temple a walk of around 5 hours including time to visit the temple. If you take the bus to the temple, you can then walk through the Telkot Forest and reach Nagarkot in 3 hours. Another options is to get transport to the lovely town of Sankhu and then hike up the back roads and small tracks to Nagarkot, this route takes 3 to 4 hours and affords great views of the green valleys and Himalayas.

Things to See:
Nagarkot is surrounded by thickly forested hills of pine trees which give you an idyllic escape- with only the wind and the sound of rustling leaves to disturb you. It is a rustic resort high on the northern fringe of the kathmandu valley.It is an outstanding hilltop that offers great views of Himalayas, breathtaking mountain scenery and the most impressive views of sunrise and sunset. From Nagarkot, one see the breathtaking views of the major himalayan peaks of Nepal like Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, dorje Lakpa, Sisapagma, Cho Oyu, Gauri Shankar, etc. On a clear crystal day, one can even see the tip of Mt. Everest(8848 m) from here. Many tourists go to Nagarkot at afternoon, stay at one of the resorts to view early morning sunrise over the mountains.

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