Dhaulagiri Trekking Information

Dhaulagiri Trekking Information

Dhaulagiri Trekking Information: Dhaulagiri, 7th Highest Mountain in the World. The mountains name comes from Sanskrit and is interpreted in two ways: Either White Mountain (standard) or Beautiful/Dazzling Mountain. It lives up to those names as it has a reputation for bad weather usually containing loads of snow. Dhaulagiri I is the highest and easternmost peak of the Dhaulagiri massif. This massif extends 120 kilometres from the Kali Gandaki river in the east, to the Bheri in the west. Dhaulagiri is the neighbour of Annapurna I which lies just over 30 kilometres away. Between the two mountains flows the Kali Gandaki river and this gorge is often said to be the deepest on Earth. In 1808 Dhaulagiri was believed to be the highest mountain on Earth (until Kangchenjunga was discovered and took its place). Dhaulagiri’s sudden rise from terrain is only surpassed by great mountains like Nanga Parbat. It rises almost 7000 metres from the Kali Gandaki.

Fast Facts:

  • The Sanskrit name Dhavaligiri means “White Mountain.”
  • It was thought to be the world’s highest mountain after its 1808 discovery, replacing Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador.
  • Opposite from Annapurna, Dhaulagiri rises over 7,000 meters above the Kali Gandaki Gorge.
  • The first ascent was May 13, 1960 by four members of a Swiss-Austrian team and two sherpas. They climbed the Northeast Ridge, today’s normal route.
  • In 1969 an 11-man US expedition led by Boyd Everett attempted the unclimbed knife-edge Southeast Ridge of Dhaulagiri, despite none of the team having Himalayan experience. At 17,000 feet six Americans and two Sherpas were bridging a 10-foot-wide crevasse when a massive avalanche swept down, sweeping away all but Louis Reichardt. At that time it was the worst disaster in Nepalese climbing history.
  • The normal route is considered a reasonable climb with moderate avalanche danger and only short technical climbing sections.

Few places in the world have such a splendid variety of natural beauty as the Annapurna region. It forms a rare combination of snow-capped, crystal clear lakes and turbulent rivers with deep gorges together with Tibetan monasteries hot springs and picture square villages, all inhabited by simple and friendly ethnic people. Dhaulagiri trekking is a spectacular trek and traverses a variety of terrain ranging from lowland villages and rice terraces up to (3800m) Where one finds the biggest Gurung (Gurkha’s) villages as well as a normal flower forest of rhododendron best seen in the spring. Dhaulagiri trekking offers more than enough opportunity to explore the wonderful Himalayan destination once in a life time.

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