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Advertise with Us
Advertise with Us

Nepal’s fastest growing online advertising network, Our network is the ultimate online destination for all travel products and services. We provide a variety of advertising packages to suit your business and budget. View advertising opportunities at Nepal Trekking – one of the fastest growing websites for Nepal travel, tourism, flights, hotels and trekking information.

Nepal Trekking Sponsorships:
Nepal Travel’s website for businesses and trade,, is the portal to all of Nepal Travel’s resources, activities, and information. It attracts tens of thousands of travel related business entities each month seeking the information they need to make key decisions related to the travel field. For the first time, Nepal Travel is offering select sponsorship opportunities on the web site. These sponsorship positions not only will enable Nepal travel to honor its loyal supporters in a targeted manner, but also underwrite and advance the mission of Nepal travel.

The Audience
The website attracts more than 200,000 visitors every year, providing a unique opportunity for sponsors to target management representing all aspects of the field:

  1. Accommodations/Food Services
  2. Destination marketing organizations
  3. Attractions
  4. Transportation
  5. Hotel, trekking, travel, tour, rafting agencies
  6. District Tourism Offices
  7. Travel packages and distribution networks
  8. Allied organizations
  9. Regional promotion organizations
  10. Travel associations

Visitors come to the site to find out about the latest research and resources related to the travel industry, as well as to gain access to specific information related to Nepal Travel’s many activities.

Contact Kulendra Baral to learn more.